Well-known Colorado cattle rancher and conservationist Dale Lasater died Sunday, Oct. 15, in a horse accident on his ranch near Matheson. He was 72.

Lasater was raised on The Lasater Ranch in Falfurrias, TX, and Matheson. He was a graduate of Princeton University in 1965, and spent a year studying as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then spent two years working with a cattle improvement program with the Peace Corps in Colombia. Prior to taking over the family ranch in 1986, Lasater worked as general manager of International Cattle Systems, a diversified livestock company headquartered in Kansas.

Dale’s father Tom developed the Beefmaster breed in the 1930s, and was officially recognized as a new breed by the US Department of Agriculture in 1954.

Dale is survived by his beloved wife Janine, sons Alex (Fiancé Sarah Cannady) and Tom Lasater (Spouse Peiching Lasater), two grandchildren, Thomas and Elizabeth, as well as brother Laurence Lasater of San Angelo, TX, and brother Lane Lasater and sister Sally Lasater of Boulder, CO.

Dale's life touched many people throughout the worldwide ranching and land stewardship community. He was a beloved and visionary figure in his field, carrying on four generations of cattle breeding and ranch management.

A profile of Lasater was published by the Colorado Springs Gazette. 

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