Drovers magazine has succeeded on its industry commitment to become the market-leading beef industry resource by reaching an unprecedented circulation that encompasses all sectors of the cattle market. The national reach of more than 250,000 was made possible by the unparalleled investment by Farm Journal Media in audience development. Drovers' circulation now provides more than 90% coverage of both the stocker and feedlot segments, and an industry-high 70% coverage of the cow/calf segment with one publication.

The new Drovers strategy and industry commitment was unveiled in late January at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association conference. The objective was to obtain this circulation goal while maintaining a minimum direct request of the magazine at 50%. The Drovers June/July issue will be read by more than 250,000 producers and carries a 54% direct request rate.

"With roughly 50% of the beef cows residing in herds with less than 100 cows, marketers are looking for ways to extend their reach in an effective and efficient manner. Reaching this goal not only offers our advertising clients the opportunity to finally access this important segment, it also provides producers with less than 100 cows the resources and tools represented by the full portfolio of the Drovers brand," said Cliff Becker, Vice President and Publishing Director.

This commitment also included a redesign of the magazine and refined content alignment to ensure information is relevant for all segments and sizes of operations. By incorporating the Drovers website and eNewsletters, as well as weekly Drovers television and radio segments on Farm Journal's broadcast properties and Drovers Cowboy College, the Drovers assets represent, far and away, the broadest educational and informational resources available to cattlemen today.

"Whether it's animal production techniques, beef quality, food safety or enterprise management, cattlemen with all sizes of herds need the latest information that raises the bar for their animal health and productivity. We are proud to bring that to the largest audience in the market-one that reaches every corner of the U.S.," said Greg Henderson, Drovers Editor and Beef Editorial Director.