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From part-three of a four-part series. “Fifteen miles as the crow flies east of the Missouri River” and nestled in the Swan Creek Valley of north-central South Dakota, sits Rock Hills Ranch. 

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10 things a farmer should never say to his pregnant wife

Throughout history men have been known to say some foolish things, some were subsequently beheaded for it. If you are interested in avoiding beheading, wake up and pay attention! Here are 10 things a man should NEVER say to his pregnant wife. 

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Consumer Trends: Single meals and servings standard

More than ever before, we are a nation of loners. Statistics show that today half of U.S. residents are single, and one-third of households have only one occupant. Those are the highest numbers in U.S. history. 

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Meat of the Matter: Vegetables are people, too

Is there anything humorous about animal activists? I’m glad you asked, because the answer is yes! As proof, here are two servings of vegetarian comedy — and that’s not an oxymoron.

Cattle tap a new seasonal low

Fed-cattle prices slipped to a new seasonal low last week. Cash prices in Plains fell to near $143/hundredweight, about $2 below the previous low from late July.

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Drovers poll results: Ford vs. Dodge

We know trucks are a vital part of ranching, so we decided to put the trucks to the test in the ultimate farm truck showdown. This week’s matchup was between Ford and Dodge. Nearly 300 votes were cast to decide to the victor.

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