If you care about someone, tell them, “Get out of My Space!”

That’s the theme of Agricultural Safety Awareness Program Week, March 5-11. The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers are joining the National Farm Bureau Federation in urging respect for the safety spaces around hazardous farm equipment and tasks.

Grain bins, grain wagons, manure pits, tractor seats and livestock flight zones are all ‘spaces’ on agricultural operations that require caution.  It is easy to take these spaces for granted when you work near them every day, but it only takes a split-second for disaster to occur.  

Gloria Edwards recalls when her son, Jason, was riding on his little red tractor, mimicking his dad as he scraped the manure and put it into the pit.  Jason got into a slick area and could not stop. He slid into the manure tank.  Click here to hear the story from Gloria.  [Gloria. Fall in Manure Pit]

The U.S. Ag Centers have prepared a collection of safety resources reflecting the daily themes of Ag Safety Awareness Week:


Monday, March 6 - Confined Space 
Tuesday, March 7 - Animal Space
Wednesday, March 8 - Equipment Operator Space
Thursday, March 9 - Electrical Space
Friday, March 10 - Driver Space