The game was one of the most boring in 50 years (unless you’re a Broncos fan), but our collective national attention has shifted back to the really important stuff – like what was Ben thinking when he kept Olivia on 'The Bachelor'? We would be remiss, however, if we failed to review the nonsense that passed as pre-Super Bowl stories.

We fell into that journalistic trap, too, thinking – erroneously – that national news media could do some basic math. Here’s a short list of stories that clogged up our cowboy calculator:

1. “Americans will swill 325 million gallons of beer (during the Super Bowl).”

That claim was reported on various sites, but it’s just plain wrong. That’s more than 1 gallon of beer for every man, woman and child in America. It didn’t happen.

2. “More than 14 billion hamburgers will be eaten.”

After drinking a gallon of beer, every American would have to eat 44 hamburgers to make this claim true. Pure hogwash.

3. “Americans will eat 1.3 billion chicken wings on Super Sunday.”

That’s about 4 chicken wings per American, which is certainly possible. The bigger question is, “Why?”


Concussion Protocol?

Following his Super Bowl MVP award-winning performance, Von Miller said some pretty unusual stuff. Like, when he’s done terrorizing NFL quarterbacks he wants to be a chicken farmer.

“I love chickens. I went to school for it…I [have] chicken tattoos. I eat chicken everyday,” Miller says. Read that again. The dude has chicken tattoos!


Profit Tracker: A Step Back

Feedyard closeouts declined an average of $20 per head, leaving losses at $265 per head last week, according to the Sterling Beef Profit Tracker. Poorer margins were a result of a $2 per cwt decline in USDA’s 5-area direct cash price to $135.15. Beef packers saw their margins decline more than $14 per head last week, leaving average profits at $33 per head. Packer margins are about $79 per head lower than last month.


Australia Has Beef With Chipotle

The Australian beef industry says claims its beef was to blame for damaging foodborne illness outbreaks at Chipotle Mexican Grill are unsubstantiated.  Several media outlets were reporting the burrito chain said privately Australian beef was to blame for some of the E. coli outbreaks that sickened hundreds of customers since last July.