In case you missed it, here are the top five stories on Drovers CattleNetwork today.

Researchers say eat more animal protein

As animal protein gains favor in consumers' eyes, research projects are helping to show the potential for beef and other animal-based proteins to improve health.

Commentary: Filling the need for future veterinarians

Veterinary schools need to evolve and adjust to the needs of students, who face growing debt loads and relatively flat salaries.

Meat of the Matter: Collegiate credulity

Don’t misjudge the extent to which young people align with anti-industry activists on the basis of low turnout at protest events. Only a few may be marching, but many more are believing.

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Texas ranch estimated to sell for $725 million

At half-a-million acres, Waggoner Ranch in Texas is bigger than Los Angeles and New York City combined and boasts its own personal oil reserves, reports CNN’s Matt Majendie. All of this could be yours – for $725 million.