The 2017 IFAMA World Conference is happening during a crossroads period in the global agri-food system.

For many of us, globalization in the agri-food system became part of daily life. But could this all change in the future?

Brexit and U.S. trade policy might suggest a movement away from open markets as we have experienced them, toward protection of own industries. What, then, are the considerations for the evolving agri-food business system? What are the implications? The expectations? How do we navigate through uncertain times?

The 2017 IFAMA World Conference in Miami, Florida, USA, will deal with these matters in an informative and enlightened way by showcasing recent research, staging executive-level round table discussions, challenging students from all over the planet in the case study competition and creating informal networking opportunities with leaders from the business and academic worlds.

Hosted June 18-21, the conference will focus on the agri-food stystem in a changing landscape.