Cattle numbers in Kansas started 2015 up three percent from last year on Jan. 1, 2014, according to the USDA.

The number of cattle and calves is now up to six million head, with 1.48 millon of the six being beef cows.

As the state continues to pull out of a mulit-year drought, more cattle are being raised. In 2014, ranchers kept more heifers and calves to help expand their herds, Dan Voorhis reported for the Wichita Eagle.

High beef prices are prompting ranchers to try to expand their herds.

Compared to a year ago, Kansas has seen a five percent increase in cows and heifer that have calved (1.62 million) and a two percent increase in the number of cattle in feedlots (2.18 million). More than 1.32 million calves were born in 2014.

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