Dedicated is a great word to describe Bill Blemke. Blemke suffered from severe frostbite while trying to save four dying calves in a field near Taylor County, Wis., last December.

The frostbite caused a lack of circulation in Blemke’s fingers which led to an infection. He had to have the upper parts of his middle fingers amputated, and believes that more will need to be amputated after seeing a doctor recently. He has suffered other injuries, as well, including knocking out teeth after being headbutted by a horse, Keith Uhlig reported for the Wausa Daily Herald.

 He says he will continue his work at Cattle Rescue Inc., a nonprofit organization he started that rescues livestock from bad situations, including neglect or mistreatment. He said he thinks that between him and his group of volunteers, approximately 600 animals have been rescued in the past two years.

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