Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) membership recently adopted a policy requiring all members to adhere to LMA’s Animal Handling Guidelines or face expulsion. On July 27, LMA’s member auction markets overwhelmingly passed the amendment, which is the latest tool in the organization’s efforts to lead the industry in animal care.

In 2008, the operators of LMA member markets across the country came together to develop LMA’s Guide to Animal Handling in Livestock Marketing Businesses to train market employees in low stress animal handling and care. This was the first training program developed specifically for the unique handling challenges faced by auction markets.

LMA continually endeavors to increase knowledge and education in this important area of market management. In 2009, LMA membership voted to require on-site evaluation of animal handling practices and follow-up employee training and education for all members.

While the majority of livestock markets have a long history of high standards of care for livestock marketed through their facilities, LMA member markets seek continual improvement and embrace the opportunity to lead the livestock industry in the best of animal handling practices.

LMA livestock markets members understand and embrace their responsibilities to provide quality care and handling, while playing an important role in the food supply. The policy passed by these members demonstrates their commitment to proper animal care for their auction customers, consumers and the livestock entrusted to their care.