Merial's Longrange extended-release cattle dewormer has been selected as the winner of the Animal Pharm award for Best Food Animal Product 2014.

The judging panel selected Longrange as it has been widely beneficial for both veterinarians and cattle producers alike due to its ability to provide season-long parasite control.

Longrange incorporates eprinomectin in a dosage form which results in the first and only product that provides persistent nematode parasite control for 100-150 days following a single dose. The dewormer is administered subcutaneously at conventional treatment sites in the neck of the animal.

According to Merial, the period of protection is long enough to break the parasite lifecycle and can replace as many as three or four conventional treatments to afford season-long control in many cases.

The ability to provide this duration of protection with a single treatment also results in reduced labor for producers as well as less cattle stress and shrink.

Longrange's ability to provide a long-lasting effect is possible due to Theraphase technology, which releases the active ingredient for an extended period.

Longrange making an impact

"Merial is honored that our innovative Longrange parasite control product has received Animal Pharm's distinguished award for Best Food Animal Product 2014," said Henry Berger, the company's global head of large animals and veterinary public health strategic development.

"Our veterinarian customers, as well as cattle producers, have responded extremely well to the launch of Longrange, the first extended-release injection that delivers 100 to 150 days of parasite control in a single dose. The excellent results they see in long-term cattle parasite control and enhanced beef production reinforce the value this product delivers.