This week’s Drovers Cow-Calf enewsletter featured a story about modern pregnancy testing methods that can help ranchers save money. The story noted that relatively new technology uses a simple blood test to detect the presence of pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs), and named two companies that offer the tests. However, a third company also offers the tests – IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

IDEXX launched the Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test for cattle in June of last year. The test, which detects open cows based on pregnancy-associated glycoproteins, can identify open cows 28 days post-breeding, which helps improve reproductive efficiency and profitability.

“Bovine veterinarians can use the test on farm as a compliment to manual palpation and ultrasound by testing samples collected prior to their farm visit,” says Oliver te Boekhorst, corporate vice president and general manager, IDEXX.

The Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test for cattle allows bovine veterinarians to perform whole blood-based testing on the farm or in house in 21 minutes without the need for laboratory instruments. Real-time rapid results are achieved from 28 days post-breeding.