In a “Range War” between a rancher and government – no one wins – April 9, 2014

Across the rugged frontier of the Western United States, thousands of livestock ranchers work each day to care for their livestock and also care for the land. In the case of many western ranchers, there is a good chance that at least part the land their cattle graze is owned by the federal government. Read full story

Beef, cattle markets hit new record highs – January 12, 2014

In the first week of 2014, all classes of beef cattle and beef values climbed to record price levels. According to USDA Market News Reporter Corbitt Wall, compared to the last good test of feeder cattle the week of December 20, feeder cattle and calves sold 3.00-10.00 higher, with instances as much as 20.00 higher. On the beef side of the equation, both Select and Choice cuts blew past previous records set in May 2013 as Choice cuts topped $214 and Select cuts topped $211. Read full story

EPA, Corps propose expanded Clean Water Act authority – March 25, 2014

The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers applied a narrow Supreme Court opinion from 2006 to propose a rule Tuesday that would expand federal jurisdiction over streams, wetlands and other waters. Once published in the Federal Register, the agencies will accept public comment for 90 days.  Read full story

In China, pork is still king, but beef is rising – March 3, 2014

While pork consumption in China is nearly 10 times higher than beef consumption, beef demand is growing. According to a recent report out of USDA Foreign Agriculture Service staff in Beijing, more Chinese consumers are switching to beef to meet their protein in response to food safety concerns following the H7N9 poultry outbreak. The increased beef demand will result in a slight increase in domestic beef production in China and lead to an increase in beef imports. Read full story

A big fat review – October 24, 2014

Eating meat – let’s see – it causes cancer, heart disease and chronic obesity and maybe a third eye, purple hair and an extra limb or two. Right? Isn’t that what most “experts” say?

It was until Nina Teicholz decided to take the meat, butter and dairy naysayers head-on in her best-sellingThe Big Fat Surprise, and next week, Dan Murphy will have a five-part, in-depth review of her work. Read full story