Research resumed this week at the federal livestock research facility in Nebraska after addressing the concerns of an independent review of its practices, Nicholas Bergin reported for the Lincoln Journal Star.

In January of this year, The New York Times published a report addressing research projects including livestock. After the report, the research facility in Nebraska and the other 49 federal research facilities under the USDA Agricultural Research Service had their livestock care reviewed.

In March, a USDA panel toured the Nebraska facility and found no mistreatment of animals, though it did make several recommendations to meet USDA requirements. This news resulted in the suspension of published research from the center and previous publications are now being reviewed to ensure requirements were all met.

“We continue to support the USDA investigation, which is still ongoing. And we expect to help respond to recommendations from this ongoing process that can strengthen what the external panel found to be excellent animal care at the site,” Archie Clutter, dean of agricultural research at UNL told Bergin.

The research center re-opened late last week, starting with tours to nearly 100 people, including students.

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