The American Royal is inviting beef producers to submit ribeye steaks for a new competition. Steaks will be judged in two categories, grass-finished and grain-finished, for the inaugural American Royal Steak Competition.

“Most traditional cooking contests are like the American Royal World Series of Barbecue – they are about preparation,” said American Royal President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Petersen. “This competition is about awarding America’s best-tasting steak.”

Each steak will be prepared in an identical manner at the Kansas State University Olathe campus. The meat will be seasoned with salt, cooked on a George Foreman Grill to an internal temperature of 155 degrees, sliced into 1” cubes and served to a panel of expert judges. Steaks will be identified only by a numerical code to ensure unbiased judging. Points will be awarded for flavor, juiciness and texture.

Steaks must be submitted frozen to the K-State Olathe campus from September 4-7. An entry form must be submitted online at Judging will take place September 12. The winners will be honored at the American Royal Wine Competition, Tasting and Auction October 11 in Kansas City.

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