With the new SmartICVI service veterinarians are now able to use their smartphone, tablet (including iPads), laptop or PC to capture animal data meeting USDA requirements for interstate livestock movement.

Unique Client Feature – Controlled Through VCPR – Saves Time

A new and innovative feature allows clients to create a pending ICVI case by inputting animal ID, shipper, receiver and transporter data BEFORE veterinarians arrive onsite. Veterinarians then review the health certificate (ICVI) data while inspecting the health of the animals being shipped. Veterinarians finalize the ICVI for automatic delivery notification to State animal health offices, clients, the veterinary clinic, and other stakeholders. “It’s a feature that is not currently available to veterinarians today. Veterinarians can implement efficient and accurate processes with those clients where a veterinary-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) exists,” says Marv Jahde, New Planet’s Director of Animal Data Services.

Fastest Data Entry – Integrates with RFID Readers – Works without an Internet or Cellular Connection

SmartICVI will streamline creating ICVI’s through Bluetooth integration with commonly used RFID readers (coming soon); or, by importing animal data from spreadsheets and .csv files. The “memorize” functionality makes ICVI data entry on the web portal lightning fast by automatically remembering the previous entries for shipper, receiver, transporter, and veterinarian information. SmartICVI saves veterinarian’s valuable time, reduces manual entry, and improves ICVI data accuracy.

SmartICVI is a month to month software-as-a-service (SaaS), fully hosted, cloud based requiring no software download. The eCVI service captures key animal information (all species) using off-the-shelf devices: smartphone, tablets (including iPads), laptops or PC’s. This minimizes hardware acquisition and optimizes scalability within a veterinary practice. Veterinarians access the SmartICVI service from any internet or cellular connected device with their user name and password. The mobile application supports ICVI data capture without an internet or cellular connection.

30 Day FREE Trial Offer – Try it on us!

As part of its launch, New Planet Technologies is extending a 30 RISK FREE Trial offer to veterinarians. Evaluate the SmartICVI service on us; no obligation, no contracts. To start your free trial, visit the web site, www.smarticvi.com and enter promotional code “EarlyAdopter” on the 30 Day Free Trial page.

SmartICVI, along with its companion service, DVM Dx™, provides veterinarians with cutting edge best in class technology solutions to improve veterinary practice productive. For more information on SmartICVI, contact our office: info@newplanettek.com, or 1-888-633-4030.

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