Two large groups of cattle are still missing in Idaho and are still under investigation. While cattle thefts were high in 2014, in part due to high beef prices, these two cases show cattle rustling at its most extreme. However, some say that theft might not be the only reason cattle are going missing.

Diseases, predators and noxious weeds could all factor into missing cattle. Many ranchers plan some loss to these factors, Kendra Evensen reported for the Idaho State Journal.

Idaho Brand Inspector Larry A. Hayhurst said that his office has been investigating a few cases, but that two really stand out. In Bonneville county, 25 cow-calf pairs have been reported missing. In Bingham county, 41 cow-calf pairs are reportedly missing. These missing animals haven't been counted as stolen just yet.

Hayhurst told Evensen that theft is unlikely due to the circumstances of the cases. One noticable difference from these two cases and others in the area is the large number of missing animals in both cases. Not to mention, all the animals were missing in pairs.

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