For ranchers, it’s not uncommon to house a newborn calf on the back porch during a cold, wet night. Much to Billie Jo Decker’s surprise, her 5-year-old daughter has that same nurturing touch to her 6-month-old calf – even on warm spring days.

Enter golden haired, big eyed, little Miss Brennan Decker. She’s all tangles, smiles and sweet hugs to her black calf, Izzy. This spring, Billie Jo came home to find Izzy and Brennan having a campout in the house. While she attempted to be strict, she recognized the special moment and captured everything unfold on camera.

As you can imagine, Brennan tried to talk her way in circles to stay out of trouble, and ended up succeeding.

According to Billie Jo, Izzy was born around a year ago in poor calving conditions and developed pneumonia. The family took her in as a bottle baby and Izzy and Brennan bonded immediately.

“Overriding all my instincts to say, "don't do that," I wanted to see them grow a bond,” says Billie Jo in the YouTube video comments. “The first time I witnessed this cow wanting to be hugged and cuddled with, my jaw dropped.”

Check out the video above of this adorable duo that managed to capture our hearts.