This week's Ranch of the Week features Cross Diamond Cattle Company, owned by Scott and Kim Ford in Bertrand, Neb. You can find them on their website at or on Facebook at Cross Diamond Cattle Company.

Cross Diamond Cattle Company is located south-central Nebraska, raising both registered and commercial Red Angus cattle.   An annual production sale is held each year in December, offering commercial bred heifers and one of the nation's largest selections of coming two-year-old Red Angus bulls.  Fertility, structural soundness, foraging ability and disposition are central points of the Cross Diamond breeding program. 

What makes your operation unique?

April/May calving allows us to make the best use of our area's forage in beef production.  Except in extreme weather conditions, the cows are only supplemented with salt and mineral and aren't fed any hay.  The cows are calved on grass, then weaned in October and immediately go to graze cornstalks.  Both the cows and the calves graze crop residue all winter, then move to stock-piled range or cover crops in the spring.  The seed stock bulls are developed on pasture, resulting in increased soundness and longevity and overall foraging ability.

Do you operate under a specific philosophy? Please describe:

We have three main philosophies, pertaining to life, cattle and people.

First, life.  Our faith is central to all that we do.  We are stewards of the land and livestock and we feel blessed each day to have this opportunity.  All glory and honor go to our Heavenly Father.

Second, the cattle.  We believe that our seed stock herd should perform in the same low-input conditions that create profitable herds in today's beef production.  By running a non-pampered herd, we are creating seed stock that will have the fertility, soundness and foraging ability that are the basic building blocks of a successful operation.  In addition, calvability, disposition and maternal traits are central to our program.  Our goal is that every bull carries these "basic" traits for to aid in the birth of a live calf with the ability to thrive-- therefore profit potential.  From those basics our customers can choose specific Cross Diamond bulls to hit the targets of their programs, whether its carcass traits, growth or calving ease, for example.

Third, the people.  We're all on this earth for a short time and we hope to serve others well.  That service comes through our life's activities and our business.  We believe in customer service and standing behind our product.  Our goal is to add value to every bull purchased at Cross Diamond.  Whether that's through delivery, marketing assistance, Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification tag cost-share or the valued friendship we share with so many beef producers-- we hope to add to the lives of others.

Do you have a competitive advantage you would tell us about?

We see our advantage in developing our seed stock and commercial replacements slowly in a self-foraging system.  We see the need for efficient beef production increasing in the coming years.  By developing our cattle in this environment, they have the ability to thrive in many other environments, as well.

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