The Penny Newman Grain Company/Cowbos Liquid Feeds is the winner of the American Feed Industry Association's 2014 Information Technology Innovation Award for its remote computing technology. The award, sponsored by AFIA, Feed & Grain magazine and AgGateway, acknowledges technological advancements in the feed and food industry to meet the demand of a growing population.

Penny Newman's remote computing will allow its liquid division and dealer network to increase productivity in the field through digital recordkeeping and automated invoicing. The innovation implemented in January 2014, has increased company growth with more efficient business practices and quicker access to data and analysis.

"The remote computing innovation for our liquid feed division has allowed our employees to provide better and more efficient customer service to our clients with this new electronic system," said Cody Chytka, Penny Newman's national sales manager. "This product has attracted new distribution and increased our existing network."

During the past year, the remote computing has been a major contributor to the increase in Penny Newman's sales by nearly two-fold. The ability to access data and invoice electronically is a key component to the success of the product.

Penny Newman also automatically qualified as a finalist in last month's AgGateway IT Innovation Award program.

The runner-up for the award is Feed Energy for its Production Inventory Management System (PIMS). The web-based application allows employees to pull information and data from the production system to help make marketing, pricing and purchasing decisions.

With PIMS, users can access quality and yield data for incoming and outgoing products when evaluating vendor performance based upon energy usage and end value. The goal of PIMS is to ensure that Feed Energy is purchasing the most ideal ingredients in order to obtain proposed business goals.

"PIMS is an easy-to-use web application that tracks data and is readily available and accessible to users anywhere. This production management system has allowed Feed Energy to continue to offer the best service and highest quality ingredients to our customers," said Troy Shoen, Feed Energy director of marketing.

The application has proven to be extremely beneficial to its users. PIMS has decreased the amount of paperwork by allowing batch sheets, shift sheets, metric files and a materials ledger to be completed electronically. The electronic system now allows customized reports to be generated quicker and eventually PIMS will sync with the accounting system to provide electronic invoicing and payments.