At half-a-million acres, Waggoner Ranch in Texas is bigger than Los Angeles and New York City combined and boasts its own personal oil reserves, reports CNN’s Matt Majendie. All of this could be yours – for $725 million.

On Oct. 20, Australian realtor Bernard Uechtriz will sell the estate, the largest ranch within a single fence, to one lucky potential buyer. Located in northwest Texas near Vernon, the property has 30,000 acres of arable land, 14,000 cows, 500 horses and enough water to source at least 105,000 people, reports Majendie.

“Where can you go with half-a-million acres under one fence with oil, cattle, natural resources and intellectual property,” Uechtriz told Majendie. “Nowhere, it’s just not out there.”

Potential buyers can take 45 minute helicopter rides to get a rough view of the property; intensive tours, on the other hand, can take up to two or three days. The property, which has been owned by the same family for 165 years, has had 600 inquiries within a span of two years, reports Majendie.

“It’s just so beautiful, as I said, one of a kind,” Uechtriz told Majendie. “This is going to make ranching history.”

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