1. When do we intervene and assist a cow or heifer in labor?

Before the spring calving season commences, now is the time to put together and post a protocol for family members and hired employees to follow when they find a cow or heifer starting in the process of calving. An issue facing the rancher at calving time, is the amount of time heifers or cows are allowed to be in labor before assistance is given.  Traditional text books, fact sheets and magazine articles stated that “Stage II” of labor lasted from 2 to 4 hours.  Read full story


2. Beef…it may not be for dinner in new dietary guidelines

Last year about this time I penned an article titled “The ‘Super Bowl’ of nutrition policy is in the first quarter” to remind our beef-loving readers that two federal agencies were in the early stages of updating the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. If you’ve lost track of the process over the past 11 months, it’s time for this industry and anyone who supports the role of lean beef in a healthy, well-balanced diet to stand up and make its case because it appears the new guidelines may not include lean meat. Read full story


3. The Back 40: #bachelorfarmer #springbreeding

Bachelor farmers, meat cakes, Nazi cows and more. Here at Drovers CattleNetwork we work hard to give readers relevant news on the latest industry happenings and knowledge to help their operations. But let’s face it, sometimes we all need a mental break and some light-hearted news.  Read full story


4. Meat of the Matter:  A troubling farm forecast

USDA latest compilation of the size, ownership and productivity of U.S. agricultural operations offers some cautionary data on where the nation’s food productivity is headed in the future.

The latest report on the agricultural economy is both enlightening and sobering. Read full story


5. Are you ready for calving?

It is already time to start thinking about and planning for calving season. Planning ahead and being prepared can help increase the chances of success. You can begin by asking yourself two simple questions. Are my cows ready for calving? Am I ready for calving? Read full story