The Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame inducted two new members Tuesday night in Colorado, and made its two annual service awards.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame were Robert “Bob” Josserand of Hereford, Texas, and Loren Doll of Dodge City, Kansas.

Bob Josserand has a varied career in agriculture, but bought the cattle-feeding division from a petrochemical company in 1983 and formed AzTx Cattle Company. He has a long history of service to the cattle industry at the national, local and state level, plus 22 years as mayor of Hereford, Texas, said Bill Dickey, who nominated Josserand.

In the family-built business Irsik and Doll, it was Loren Doll who was most willing to take risks when they made sense, said Irsik and Doll CEO John Petz, who nominated Doll for the Hall of Fame. He also credited Doll with a great perspective on people management, where he hired smart people and encouraged and mentored them. He was also active in service to the industry and his community.

Topper Thorpe of Cliff, New Mexico, an analyst for CattleFax for 30 years, was presented the Industry Leadership Award. Dick Farr, who nominated Thorpe, said he exemplified a man who sees an important part of his life as one of service to others. He also noted despite Thorpe’s dedication to the industry, it was always clear he kept his priorities correct with God, then family, then career and community.

Karla Olson of Hoxie, Kansas, was presented the Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award. Olson was described by Hoxie Feedyard owner Scott Foote as the anchor of his family’s feeding organization, a model employee, and a mentor to him and his children.

The Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame Awards are sponsored by Merck Animal Health, Osborn Barr and Drovers CattleNetwork.

Full profiles of the winners will be published in the August edition of Drovers CattleNetwork magazine.