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Natural gas prices fall modestly

Prices fall modestly through the week at most locations. Prices at most market locations outside of the Northeast fell this week, generally by less than 10%. The Henry Hub spot price began the week at $2.99/MMBtu, fell through the week, and settled yesterday at $2.82/MMBtu. Prices at other major trading hubs moved in a similar pattern; the PG&E Citygate price, serving Northern California, fell from $3.34/MMBtu last Wednesday to $3.19/MMBtu yesterday. Prices at the Chicago Citygate fell from $3.01/MMBtu last Wednesday to close the week at $2.76/MMBtu yesterday.


Morning Farm Report: Livestock prices jump to end the week

Live cattle prices rose on Thursday from $152.48 on Wednesday to $153.50 on Thursday. The $1.02 change brought the 27-day average price to $153.36. Feeder cattle prices saw a large increase on Thursday of $3.52 to hit $224.95.

Lean hogs also increased by 82 cents to $84.60, bringing the 27-day average price to $83.78.

Corn prices fared well with a four cent increase, with wheat also increasing one cent on Thursday.


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