The USDA recently released data for the world’s cattle inventory and selected countries, estimating the world’s cattle inventory to be 964,640,000 head.  This is a drop of more than 29 million head from 2014, making this the world's lowest cattle inventory in 42 years (since 1974).

However, the drop in inventories may have more to do with budget priorities than global warming.  The USDA stopped reporting inventory numbers for Colombia and Venezuela in 2015.   Colombia (19,900,000 head) and Venezuela (11,550,000 head) accounted for over 31 million head of cattle in 2014. 

Colombia has the roughly the same amount of cattle as Russia (19,132,000 head) and Venezuela has the roughly the same amount of cattle as Canada (11,915,000 head).  Russia and Canada now have the 8th and 11th largest cattle inventories in the world, according to the USDA.

The USDA does not report on other countries with sizeable cattle inventories including:  Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Tanzania.  The USDA also discontinued cattle numbers for Kazakhstan in 2001 and several CAFTA-DR countries around 2003. 

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