Monthly cow prices in January have risen a whopping 138% from 2010 to 2015.  January cow prices in 2010 were under $48/cwt. and have risen steadily every year since then.   January cow prices in 2015 were at $112/cwt.  This is the highest monthly January price for cows in history.

The lowest monthly price for cows in January was $9.40/cwt. in 1995 and 1956.  Monthly cow prices in January have never exceeded $20/cwt. until 1972.  January prices hit $50/cwt. for the first time in history in 1990.  Before 2011, cow prices in January had only reached $50/cwt. two times in history. 

Monthly cow prices surpassed $100/cwt. for the first time in history in March 2014.  Monthly cow prices have remained higher than $100/cwt. for the past 13 months.  The highest monthly cow price in history is $121/cwt. (August 2014).

Monthly cow prices averaged slightly over $108/cwt. in 2014, up nearly $26/cwt. from 2013.   Monthly cow prices have averaged $112/cwt. to date in 2015.

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