In India, nearly 80 percent of the population is Hindu, a religion that believes cattle are sacred. Hindu people don't eat beef, but that isn't stopping India from becoming the second largest exporter of beef in the world.

While the country's industry claims that all of its beef is buffalo meat, many groups in the region claim that isn't the case. Not only do many people in the country not eat beef, it is illegal to slaughter cattle in many states and it is against the law to export beef. It is likely that cow meat is slipping into the buffalo meat market, Sena Desai Gopal reported for The Atlantic.

India exported $4.3 billion worth of beef last year, and the market is expected to increase by another $200 million this year. Beef exports started in the late 1960s and has grown a lot in the last decade. India exports beef to 65 countries. Although India's beef has to compete with beef industries in many different countries, in some it is sought after because it comes from buffaloes that are free-range, pasture-fed and raised without hormones.

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