While live and fed cattle prices have been steadily falling, the trend is making it into the seedstock side of the industry.

The Gardiner Angus Ranch near Ashland, Kan. is preparing for their annual bull sale later this month. 

They say the last couple of years brought some of the best auction prices in the ranch’s more than 100-year history. 

However, they know that in today’s market, value is what’s driving prices. 

“All markets have come off somewhat,” said Mark Gardiner of Gardiner Angus Ranch. “The seedstock market will follow that. But what we do know and what we do understand is that value-added genetics are always a genetic hedge to insure those cattle can hit those targets of more merit. Value-added genetics, cattle that are designed with calving ease, early growth, end product merit, and material function, they will continue to enjoy an exceptional market.”

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