After a three-week climb, the 5-Area Weekly Accumulated Average Cattle Price is down from the previous week, with a drop of $2.43 per hundredweight for a price of $159.43 per hundredweight.

Our panel of cattle industry experts who make up the Monday Market Sentiment projected there to be another increase to $162.07 per hundredweight, missing the market shift by $2.64 per hundredweight. This week the panel estimates there to be another decrease in prices, with a projection of $158.87 per hundredweight.

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Choice boxed beef prices increased at a steady pace throughout last week. On Feb. 17, choice boxed beef started the week at $239.12 per hundredweight, and finished on Feb. 23 at $241.08 per hundredweight. This moved the 27-day average to $245.14 per hundredweight.

Choice primal rib continued to make increases throughout last week. After making a jump of $8 per hundredweight jump in the previous week, choice primal rib started Feb. 17 off at $331.28 per hundredweight and ended the week on $335.41 per hundredweight.

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  Primal Rib - Ch 335.41 335.37 0.04
Average 330.77 330.38 331.85
High 335.41 341.58 344.27
Low 325.63 321.14 321.14
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