Retail diesel prices drop

Throughout the United States retail diesel prices dropped an average of four cents this week to hit $2.45. The highest drop in the country was in the Midwest region, where prices fell five cents to hit $2.44. The lowest fall was one cent in the Rocky Mountain region. The highest prices are in the West Coast region at $2.65, while the lowest are in the Midwest at $2.44.


In the Cattle Markets: Cattle on feed

USDA-NASS released the monthly Cattle on Feed report on November 20. Numbers came in very similar to the average pre-report estimates. Total cattle on feed number (U.S. feedlots over 1,000 head capacity) on November 1 was up 2.1% over 2014 at 10.8 million head. This is the largest November cattle on feed number since 2012. In 2015 cattle on feed inventories have been at or above 2014 levels for all but one month, with the last five month inventories at 2% or more above last year’s levels.


Morning Farm Report: Cattle prices increase, lean hogs see no change

Live cattle prices increased over the weekend from $163.65 on Friday to $132.18 on Monday, bringing the 27-average price to $135.41. Feeder cattle prices also saw an increase of $1.75 to hit $165.40 on Monday. The 27-day average price is now at $183.32.

Lean hog prices saw no change and currently rests at $57.45.

Corn increased four cents, while wheat increase six cents.


Prospects for winter backgrounding in 2015

After enjoying a phenomenal cattle market during 2014 and much of 2015, prices dropped considerably from summer to winter this year. The rapid market drop seemed to delay feedlot marketings of fed cattle, pushing weights upward. At the same time, reduced exports and growing pork and poultry supplies also pressured cattle markets.


U.S. feedlot cattle placements hit nearly 20-year low

The number of cattle placed into U.S. feedlots last month declined four per cent from a year ago to their lowest level for October since the government began tabulating the data in 1996, a U.S. Department of Agriculture report showed on Friday.


Boxed Beef Report: Beef prices drop

Choice boxed beef prices fell from $204.77 on Friday to $203.32 on Monday. The $1.45 fall brought the 27-day average price to $214.65. Select boxed beef dropped even further, falling $2.27 to hit $190.72 on Monday. The 27-day average price now rests at $205.91.

Choice primal rib saw a huge increase, jumping $10.64 to hit $372.65, bringing the 27-day average price to $348.45. Only choice primal brisket saw an increase as well, increasing $1.83. The largest fall was seen by choice primal loin, falling $4.13. Following close behind, choice primal round fell $3.94.


Beef market in transition

Total 2015 beef production in the U.S.


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