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Beef imports skyrocket in March, exports remain sluggish

USDA reported March beef and veal imports at 325.1 million pounds, up 71 million pounds relative to the previous month (February 2015) and 33.3 percent larger than the previous year. Imports from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada remain robust.


BMC: Ground beef prices up 189% from 2000

Retail ground beef prices in April were at $4.23/lb., up 3 cents from March. This is the second highest price for retail ground beef in history. The record was set in January and February at $4.24/lb. April 2015 prices were 42 cents higher than 2014 and 96 cents higher than 2013.


Morning Farm Report: Prices stay fixed

With the Memorial Day Holiday, prices remained fixed form Friday to Monday. Live cattle prices stayed at $152.13, a drop from Thursday, while feeder cattle prices sat at $219. 

Lean hog prices dropped five cents on Friday and sat at $83.73 through Monday.

Corn and wheat prices both saw drops on Friday. Corn was fixed on Monday at $3.60, while wheat sat at $5.15.


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