Two British entrepreneurs have created what’s being touted as the perfect holiday gift: A cure for the worst part of the holidays, a day-after hangover solution — and their ‘cure’ is downright delicious!

Now here’s a holiday gift worth giving.

Exhibit A is a case study of how to garner media attention with marketplace positioning.

A British charcuterie business — think processed pork products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, pâtés and terrines — claims to have invented the world’s first hangover-preventing meat product.

Not surprisingly, London-based company Serious Pig is aiming directly at the bar/tavern snack sector. Co-founders George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw told that they started the company—what a shock—during an evening of imbibing at a local pub. According to the story, they asked themselves the question: What would be the best, the most delicious snack to accompany a pint of ale or glass of Bordeaux?”

From spicy salamis, the pair moved on to what was characterized as the “holy grail” of meat snacks -- hangover cures.

Their marketing pitch: “What if you don’t want to spend another festive period with your head hanging over the toilet, wishing you hadn’t got quite so merry the night before?”

We’ve all been there, right?

Their answer is Hangover Cured, a high-protein meat snack, advertised as containing 100% British pork, spiked with chili and ginger, both of which are traditionally associated with relieving hangovers.

But wait — there’s more.

The Serious Pig entrepreneurs are promoting their hangover preventer as the perfect snack to be eaten while you’re indulging in those holiday libations. Of course. But according to the company, “Hangover Cured will also fight nausea, fatigue and headaches.”

Um, aren’t those the symptoms that define a hangover? Just asking.

How to do market research

So why are Rice and Bradshaw so confident that their cure actually works? That’s the best part of the story.

“We’ve put it to the test at home, and down the pub, and it works like a dream,” Rice said. “Our friends and family have been our guinea pigs, and they’ve all told us it definitely eased their hangovers.”

Apparently, the family that gets hangovers together, gets cured together.

Obviously, skeptics would claim that there’s only one actual “cure” for hangovers: Stop drinking to excess.

But nutritionally speaking, there is some evidence that consuming meat protein will mitigate the unpleasant symptoms experienced after a night of overindulgence.

A British nutritionist, Angela Dowden, was quoted in the story as saying that the two entrepreneurs have hit on a solution that actually has a basis in food science.

“Nibbling on high-quality meat protein at the same time as drinking is a really good idea,” Dowden said. “It’s rich in the amino acids you need to make neurotransmitters. Alcohol interferes with the levels of these neurotransmitters, which is one of the reasons we feel bad after overindulging.”

The other reason is those last three shots of tequila you decided was the perfect way to top off the party.

Of course, there are plenty of straight-laced dieticians who would be quick to suggest that any meat product, no matter how cleverly manufactured and marketed, can’t counteract the effects of too much alcohol.

But as the article concluded, do people really need a marketing campaign to encourage the practice of combining drinking and eating meat snacks?

As they phrased it, “That’s what the holiday season is all about, isn’t it?”

Ho, ho, ho.

Dan Murphy is a food-industry journalist and commentator.