Meat scored a win this week when President Obama's administration did not urge American's to eat less meat, despite new dietary guidelines that encourage less meat eating in an effort to "save the planet," reports S.E. Cupp for the Chicago Tribune.

Much to the dismay of all those people to save the planet, Obama's administration announced that the new guidelines weren't "the appropriate vehicle for this important policy conversation about sustainability." 

"A meat-eater's typical diet is responsible for almost twice as much global warming as your typical vegetarian's and almost triple that of a vegan," said Josh Voorhees to Slate shortly after the administration's statement.

However, S.E. Cupp had a few reasons for why cutting out meat won't actually be a solution, including that it won't save the planet and that humans prefer meat. Plus, there have been a few too many times the government has told us what we should or shouldn't be eating that turned out to be false (Cupp mentions the whole milk incident). 

For now, meat eaters can take home a victory.

Read S.E. Cupp's commentary here.