There are some things you just can’t make up.

According to the local KSN News, law enforcement officials were called to a scene near Ellinwood, Kan., late Tuesday evening. After discovering – and impounding – an abandoned vehicle, a flurry of calls reported someone driving a combine recklessly nearby.

Reports indicated the stolen combine was weaving across the road and into neighborhoods, leaving behind damaged guy wires, power poles, a pickup truck and law enforcement vehicles in its wake.

A chase ensued, and a road block failed to bring the machine to a stop. It took a local sheriff’s deputy and Ellinwood officer nearly 20 rounds to finally disable it. 

The driver was arrested and booked for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, felony theft, felony criminal damage to property, and reckless driving.

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Most of the public response has been in shock. Here are just a few of the comments left on the Facebook page:

“Some idiot decides to steal a combine and total it, along with other vehicles, and that farmer probably needs it to get his fall crop in!”

“Every farmer’s worst nightmare!”

“Wow! I never thought I would see that on the news.”