According to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report, corn conditions across the country’s 18 top corn-producing states are still faring well, despite slipping slightly from last week’s report. This week 74% of corn is in good or better condition, compared to 76% last week and 70% last year.

The best corn in the country resides in Wisconsin where 88% is in good or excellent condition. On the flip side, Michigan and Ohio are bringing up the rear with the highest percentages of corn in poor or worse condition, reported at 15% and 19% respectively.

Corn-denting is progressing quickly though is falling behind the national five-year average in some areas. Nine percent of corn has now dented, compared to 8% last year and the five-year average of 12%.

Looking at Soybeans
While corn conditions dipped a bit this week, soybean conditions are still holding steady with 72% in good or excellent condition. This is 9 percentage points ahead of last year’s report.

Many of the same trends with corn conditions apply to soybean conditions. Wisconsin, which had the best corn conditions in the country, also has the best soybean conditions in the nation with 88% in good or better condition. Likewise, Ohio and Michigan join Arkansas with the highest percentages of soybeans in poor or worse condition.

Looking at progress, the vast majority (82%) of soybeans have set pods, which is 13 percentage points ahead of last year’s pace and 27 percentage points above the five-year average.

Click here for the full Crop Progress report.