According to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report, 59 percent of corn has been harvested as of Oct. 18, compared to 30 percent last year and 42 last week. It is also 5 percentage points ahead of the five-year average of 54 percent.

Minnesota made the largest gains over the last week with harvest progressing by 29 percentage points from last week’s report of 29 percent. Other states reporting impressive harvest progress over the last week include Iowa (52 percent) and North Dakota (37 percent).

As reported in the last Crop Progress report on Oct. 13, there was no change in the nation’s corn conditions. Ten percent of the nation’s corn remains in poor or worse condition.

Soybeans: Harvest nearly completely
The USDA also reported 77 percent of soybeans harvested. This week’s progress is 26 percentage points ahead of the 2014 report and 9 percentage points above the five-year average.

Wisconsin, with 73 percent of soybeans harvested, reported the largest gains over the last seven days at 27 percentage points. Other states to make significant progress in soybean harvest include Kansas (51 percent), Nebraska (79 percent) and Ohio (85 percent).

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