Feedlots in the U.S. added 439,000 more head of cattle on Aug. 1 compared to the same time last year, an increase of 4%.

According to the monthly U.S. Department of Agriculture Cattle on Feed Report, 10.6 million head of cattle were on feed in yards with 1,000-plus head capacity on Aug. 1, 2017.

Texas currently has the most cattle on feed at 2.65 million head, followed by Kansas at 2.18 million head and Nebraska at 2.16 million head.

States seeing the largest increase in cattle on feed were spread throughout the country. Colorado and Idaho saw the largest jumps with 9% more cattle than last year. Iowa and Washington were next with 8% more cattle on feed. Texas, Oklahoma and California all had 5% gains in cattle feeding. Kansas and Nebraska saw modest 3% gains from last August. Minnesota (2% decrease) and Arizona (13% decrease) were the only states to report fewer feedlot cattle in the major feedlot states.

No states showed an increase month over month in cattle on feed. Nationally there were 217,000 were cattle on feed in August compared to July 1, 2017.

Feedlot placements were up 3% for July 2017 with 1.62 million head added last month. There were 1.57 million cattle placed in feedlots last July.

Calves weighing 600 lb. or less accounted for 360,000 head of placements. Cattle weighing 600-699 lb. totaled 235,000 head of placements. The next weight class of 700-799 lb. had the highest placement total at 385,000 head. Cattle weighing 800-899 lb. had the next highest total at 370,000 head of placements.

Heavier weight cattle made up fewer placements with 900-999 lb. having 190,000 head of placements and 1,000 lb. and greater cattle totaling 75,000 head.

Kansas brought in the most placements at 430,000 head, followed by Nebraska at 385,000 head and Texas at 380,000 head.

Marketings of fed cattle to packers in July totaled 1.78 million head, a 4% increase from last year.

Nebraska marketed the most cattle at 445,000 head, followed by Kansas at 430,000 head and Texas at 390,000 head.