A feed yard in western Kansas will soon be soaking up the sun - literally.

Fowler Feeders is installing 1,339 solar panels into its facilities. The larger solar farm will have the power to run the feed yards' mill complex, office and shop, while a smaller collection of solar panels will keep about 18,000 head of cattle hydrated by pumping water, reports Brandon Case of PrattTribune.

“I’m very optimistic. I expect it to work. I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t,” said Boyd Orr, part-owner and former Meade County Commissioner, to Case. 

Orr expects the farm will be operating by the close of October, reports Case

A major reason for this installation is the expiration of federal government incentives at the end of Dec. 2016. Orr told Case that the efficient solar farm incorporated with the incentive program is estimated to pay for itself within six years. 

Orr said many people will be curious to see how this project pans out and find out if it's a good investment, reports Case

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