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Rotational grazing during winter

Winter feed represents one of the largest costs for a livestock production enterprise. Grazing pasture that has been stockpiled for winter use is a rational alternative to limit costs resulting from both harvest (or purchase) and feeding of hay.


Veterinarians help rescue cow from mine shaft

Large-animal veterinarians encounter some unusual and challenging situations in their day-to-day practice, but pulling a 1,200-pound cow out of a 30-foot-deep hole would be a memorable experience for most. That’s what happened in California recently though, and a short video from the California Department of Food and Agriculture documents the rescue.


Beef selection and management seminar

Record-setting profits for cow/calf producers in 2014 were welcomed in a business that historically has been a break-even one, according to a University of Illinois Extension beef educator.


Farm Management Meeting set for Feb. 4 in North Dakota

The Northwest Farm Managers Association will hold its 106th annual meeting for producers and others interested in agriculture on Feb. 4 at the Holiday Inn in Fargo, according to Andy Swenson, North Dakota State University Extension Service farm management specialist.


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