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Let's keep grilling, but safely!

Summer brings on the craving to grill and that craving continues through the year! Millions of Americans will enjoy grilling as they gather with family and friends. Whether grilling outdoors or indoors, safe food handling is always important.


Montana Running Ranchers take beef message on 200-mile relay

In the world of running and fitness, challenges are king as obstacle courses and overnight-relay races have gained popularity in recent years by fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers. Montana ranchers are taking part in the fun and using this scene as an opportunity to advocate for beef as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Boxed Beef Report: Beef prices bouncing back

Choice boxed beef had a substantial increase on Thursday of $1.02 to hit $233.69. The jump brought the 27-day average price to $241.47. Select boxed beef prices also saw an increase from $229.14 on Wednesday to $229.30 on Thursday. The 16-cent raise brought the 27-day average price to $237.89.

Choice primal chuck saw the largest increase on Thursday of $2.95 to hit $195.79. Choice primal round was close behind with a $1.41 jump. Choice primal rib dropped a dollar to hit $320.14, bringing the 27-day average price to $336.38.

Cow/Calf Producer

Trucking cattle

A cattle transportation symposium was held this past May. A point of emphasis was that two years of hard work can be undone by poor handling during the last ride. Transportation is not the first part the beef and dairy business that may come to mind. However, transportation is very important to both. For many in the general public, their only exposure to livestock production occurs when they see animals being transported on roadways.


U.S. average retail gasoline and diesel fuel prices decrease

As crude oil prices and rig counts have fallen significantly since late 2014, changes in U.S. crude oil production statistics and trends have come into focus. EIA publishes several reports covering current crude oil production conditions and how recent trends may affect the near-term outlook for the oil industry (Figure 1). Each EIA product is distinct in its purpose, methodology, timeframe, and regional coverage. Some reports are estimates of actual production volumes, while others focus on future production.


Morning Farm Report: Livestock prices steady

Live catttle, feeder cattle and lean hog prices continue to see no change on Wednesday, still resting at $143.35, $208.75 and $28.28, respectively. Corn prices bounced back on Wednesday, jumping 20 cents to $3.93. Wheat prices saw no change.


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