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Crop, livestock markets diverged Monday morning

Short covering reportedly boosted crop markets Monday morning. Tomorrow’s big USDA Grain Stocks and Prospective Plantings reports could spark strong reactions in the crop markets, so traders are probably squaring positions beforehand. Indeed, wire service reports cited short-covering for today’s early corn strength. Concurrent soybean and wheat gains are likely pulling corn higher as well. May corn futures edged up 2.0 cents to $3.93/bushel late Monday morning, while December added 1.75 to $4.165.

Cattle Feeding

Mob Grazing, is it for you?

Mob Grazing is a “new” grazing technique that has been slowly sweeping Wisconsin and the upper-Midwest for the last decade. This technique attempts to simulate historical grazing patterns conducted by native herbivores with a range of domesticated livestock.

Five Minutes With

Jolley: Five Minutes with Megan Brown, cattle and wattles (red)

"As an industry we love to attack vegans. And some vegans make it a point to attack us. I have been guilty of it myself. However it is pointless. Both sides are equally passionate about our beliefs. We’re never going to change each other’s minds by making personal attacks, insults and using poor research. If anything, it just reaffirms our stereotypes."


Meat of the Matter: Snow job

A viral video unveils the fundamental fallacy under which animal activists operate. There are two sets of rules: One for farm animals and pets, and one for every other animal on Earth.

A young women walks into a trendy San Francisco restaurant and begins delivering a speech to the sparse group of diners inside, coming close to tears as she begins an emotional recital.

“I have a little girl who was abused. She had a terrified look in her eyes,” she says.


Meat of the Matter: Bad deal all around

The Kraft -Heinz merger bodes ill for everyone — except for lawyers, bankers and stockholders. They’ll be getting fatter than ever (and not just from eating the stuff the new company makes).

Ag Policy

Cattlemen testify in COOL hearing

Wednesday, Mike Smith of Harris Ranch in California testified before the House Ag Livestock Subcommittee on the effects of COOL on the cattle industry.


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