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What has two thumbs and wants to turn $2 into $50? THIS GUY!

If nothing else, I got you to stop and read this first sentence, or at least look at the figures. Implanting cattle is not a new technology, its been around for years. It has the potential to add 3-5% more pounds to your calf crop, yet fewer and fewer producers are employing the practice.


FFA chief to emphasize need for 'full circle' leadership

National FFA Organization CEO W. Dwight Armstrong will tell about the importance of agricultural education and of the need for young people to accentuate their leadership through altruism when he delivers the keynote address at the Purdue University Agricultural Alumni Association Fish Fry.


Why bother with online Beginning Farmer Webinars?

The Michigan State University Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series began as an Upper Peninsula regional program. Three webinars reaching 30 individuals were offered in winter 2012 to provide extended accessibility to information delivered through a set of four face-to-face beginning farmer educational meetings offered in two Upper Peninsula locations.


Fly control options for beef cattle

External parasites, especially horn flies, can have a serious economic impact on beef herds in Arkansas and all across the South. These pests usually become a concern for producers in mid-summer through late fall. It is generally agreed that economic losses occur when fly numbers exceed 150 flies per animal. Therefore, it is necessary to control horn flies in cattle to maximize economic returns and enhance animal welfare.


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