Grazing The Net: Super Blunders

The game was one of the most boring in 50 years (unless you’re a Broncos fan), but our collective national attention has shifted back to the really important stuff – like what was Ben thinking when he kept Olivia on 'The Bachelor'? We would be remiss, however, if we failed to review the nonsense that passed as pre-Super Bowl stories.


WASDE: Production up for meat, milk

The 2016 forecast of total red meat and poultry production is raised from last month as higher forecast pork and broiler production more than offsets reduced forecasts for beef and turkey. USDA’s Cattle report, released January 29, estimated that the cattle inventory continued to increase and pointed to a higher level of cattle outside feedlots on January 1, 2016.

Drovers Cow/Calf

Use genetic predictors carefully for herd rebuilding

Three key management concepts can help commercial cow calf operations improve the productivity of their cow herds. However, planning and preparation must take place well in advance of the spring breeding season.


Consumer Trends: A menu for the year 2050

It’s human nature to want to know what’s going to happen, but the future is notoriously difficult to predict. While we await the jetpacks and apartments on the moon prognosticators foresaw decades ago, let’s ponder what we might be eating in the future.


Coming back to a grill near you: Argentine steaks

Argentina could reclaim a strong presence on dining tables worldwide by exporting up to twice as much beef in the next two years, after the new center-right government cut export taxes and quotas on the red meat, industry groups said.


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