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Beef market complex evening out

Our latest report from Sterling Beef Profit Tracker shows a big improvement in feedlot margins, although they're still in the red, fed and feeder steers holding price levels fairly well, and packer margins still pretty well in black ink.


Boxed Beef Report: Beef prices dropping

Choice boxed beef prices continued to drop on Tuesday, falling $1.30 to hit $246.66. The 27-day average price now rests at $250.65. Select boxed beef prices dropped further from $245.26 on Monday to $241.68 on Tuesday. This $3.58 drop brougth the 27-day average price to $244.46.

News A website dedicated to beef cattle genetics

A new website dedicated to beef cattle genetics has been launched at the 2015 Beef Improvement Federation Conference. ( ) is part of the national eXtension program with the goal of being a one-stop site for beef cattle genetics and genomics information. Beef cattle specialists from six land grant institutions have joined forces to provide educational materials that are pertinent to today’s beef cattle producers, without searching multiple sites or filtering through countless hits on a search. The site contains factsheets, short frequently asked question (FAQ) video clips, relevant conference recordings and webinars, a blog and links to other useful beef sites.


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