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Retail diesel prices up slightly in May

Retail diesel prices across the United States rose this week, with the U.S. average price rising four cents to $2.85. This brought the 27-week average price to $3.09.

The West Coast region saw the largest increase of nine cents to hit $3.11 this week. The Gulf Coast region saw a jump of seven cents to $2.75. The Central Atlantic region continues to have the highest retail diesel prices sitting at $3.13 this week.

Pasture and Rangeland

Windrow grazing annual forages in the growing season to increase harvest efficiency and productivity

Forage values in Nebraska for growing season grazing have seen significant increases over the last several years. Demand for grains encouraged many producers to convert tillable pasture land to crop land. In addition strong cattle prices have strengthened demand for summer grazing. Currently, crop prices have moderated while demand for summer forage has increased. This has created a scenario where many producers are considering planting annual forages on irrigated or dry land crop ground as a way to meet this forage demand.


Thompson: Science strikes back

Usually, discussions of scientific topics on social media leave me wanting to bang my head against the wall, not cheer with a fist in the air. However, some savvy scientists have managed to produce shifts in the conversation over the past few weeks. While attacks on science are far from over, any movement toward broader scientific literacy can only be deemed a win for agriculture, as our industry relies on sound science to guide decisions on everything from animal welfare to food safety.


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