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Ag Policy

Cattlemen testify in COOL hearing

Wednesday, Mike Smith of Harris Ranch in California testified before the House Ag Livestock Subcommittee on the effects of COOL on the cattle industry.

Animal Health Center

Effective treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex essential for profit

When considering profit, it is much easier for producers to sell calves that have always been healthy rather than those treated for disease, reported Washington State University Extension. While it is important to work to prevent disease, when it is necessary to treat it is most important to be effective in minimizing the impacts of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRD) in the cow/calf herd.


Feeder Cattle Review: Yearling feeder cattle trading higher

Compared to last week, yearling feeder cattle traded firm to 5.00 higher with instances 6.00-8.00 higher. Direct sales were very active this week and posted the full advance on feeder cattle. Steer and heifer calves sold mostly steady to 5.00 higher. Buyers flexed their muscle in pursuing all classes of feeder cattle this week.


Cattle Outlook: Retail beef prices at record high for third month

Retail beef prices were record high for the third consecutive month during February. The price of fresh beef in grocery stores averaged $6.028 per pound. That was 4.1 cents higher than the month before and 75.7 cents higher than in February 2014. Choice beef at retail averaged $6.27 per pound.


National Farmers Union officials meet with Pope

Five Farmers Union state presidents and National Farmers Union’s (NFU) chief counsel were granted an audience with Pope Francis following a weeklong series of meetings with Vatican officials and rural-based non-governmental organizations. Discussions surrounded the important role family farmers play in food security and the fact that most of the food produced in the U.S. is produced by family farmers


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