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Estate Planning: How to get started

Daunting is one way to describe estate planning, said Heather Gessner, SDSU Extension Livestock Business Management Field Specialist. "This is one reason farm families have avoided implementing a plan for their farms and families," said Gessner.


Morning Farm Report: Feeder cattle prices plummet

Live cattle prices saw an increase after a steady fall this week, jumping from $142.43 on Wednesday to $144.65 on Thursday. The 2.22 increase brought the 27-day average price to $146.38. Feeder cattle prices saw a huge fall of $9.93 on Thursday to hit $200.35. The 27-day average price of feeder cattle now rests at $212.10.

Lean hogs saw a very small increase of only five cents, hitting $67.05.

Corn jumped two cents, while wheat dropped from $4.90 on Wednesday to $4.84 on Thursday.


U.S. court places hold on federal water protection rule

A U.S. court on Thursday blocked a federal clean water rule from going into effect in certain states until a legal challenge has been resolved, handing a victory to states and business groups that have strongly opposed the regulation.


Natural gas prices respond to increased power burn

Prices vary slightly, but flat in many market locations. At the start of the report week, temperatures were generally above average in the East, South, and West, though below average in the Midwest and Rockies.


JBS plant to expand

JBS Hyrum will be seeing it's largest expansion when it adds two new buildings to it's plant, adding more than 191,000 square feet. The expansion will add a distribution center and fabrication floors to increase production to more than 400 head of cattle per day, reports Kevin Opsahl for the HJ news.


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