“Recognizing 40 individuals influencing America’s 21st Century food system.”


Vance Publishing’s Protein Group is launching the industry’s first-ever “40 under 40” recognition program, recognizing 40 influential individuals whose contributions to agriculture and America’s food system are advancing the cause in the race to double food production by 2050. 


To participate, individuals must be nominated by a colleague or fellow professional active within America’s food system. 

Individuals considered for the award must be between the ages of 20 and 40 at the time of nomination. 


Nominees must be involved (owner, co-owner, employee, consultant, student) with a business involved in food production, food processing, food safety, food research, food transportation or a group, organization, association or university that serves those industries. 

    Examples of qualifying businesses:
    Farm, ranch, feedlot, dairy, pork production unit, crop farm, veterinarians, nutritionists, consultants
    Beef & pork packers, processors, retailers, milk processors
    Businesses or entities that research, develop and implement food safety, food production, quality and awareness initiatives.
    Shipping, trucking and all forms of transportation of animals, commodities and protein food products.
    Groups and organizations that serve individuals and businesses within the food system.
    Ex: Farm Bureau, NCBA, National Pork Board, NPPC, FMI, AMI, AABP, DMI, etc.
    Universities, Extension, veterinary schools, research (both professionals and students)
    Animal health company associates, commodity traders, advertising agency associates, suppliers, manufacturers of equipment, genetic companies, government agencies (USDA), etc.

How to be considered 


Nominator must demonstrate knowledge of applicant's activities and interest in his/her field of agriculture, food system and explain why nominee is qualified for recognition.

Application should include name/address/title/age of nominee, CV, list of organizations nominee is affiliated with, industry activities, any awards received, and a letter not exceeding one page about nominee’s qualification for receiving this recognition. Nominator must provide contact information to answer questions for judges if desired.

Applications can be submitted online at http://www.bovinevetonline.com/40-under-40/nomination-form


Applicants must show passion for agriculture, demonstrate involvement with one aspect of the food system, clear expertise into one aspect of the food system, and a notable record of achievement. 



  • Will be highlighted in the August 2013 issues of the Protein titles
  • Will be highlighted in the annual section within the Protein websites (DroversCattleNetwork.com; DairyHerd.com; BovineVetOnline.com; porkNetwork.com)· Receive a recognition plaque· Be invited to participate in an exclusive 40 Under 40 Alumni event in year two
  • Additional: There may be special offerings from the 40 Under 40 Sponsor(s) - to be determined
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