WW MFG- Fully sheeted sweep tub and "V" trap

The WW “New Generation” full sheeted Sweep Tub and “V” Trap features sheet metal approximately 5’ high, allowing safety and efficiency without expensive catwalks. Sweep Gate is half sheeted, allowing gate to swing easily with minimum effort. Spring-loaded gate latch allows easy forward movement but prevents gate from coming back, minimizing risk of injury to operator. The Optional “Eliminator” Gate is available on all Sweep Tubs. The “Eliminator” Gate brings peak efficiency to your livestock operation by eliminating all corners, guaranteeing no-hassle movement of cattle and insuring maximum operator safety and minimizing stress to all livestock.

About WW Livestock Systems

WW Livestock Systems began doing business in 1945 by designing and manufacturing quality livestock handling equipment that stockmen and horsemen everywhere would soon demand. Their staff is dedicated to providing efficient livestock handling equipment which is guaranteed to exert a minimum level of stress on livestock while maximizing safety and ease of handling for the operator.


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