With pregnancy detection at 27 days, you can rebreed open cows earlier, identify infertility causes, and diagnose multiples. Ultrasound also offers age determination, helping you better manage your calving season, project due dates, create feeding groups and optimize dry periods. Easi-Scan determines fetal viability, confi rming earlier if you need to treat or rebreed, and allowing you to see movement and heartbeat of the developing calf. With Easi-Scan, fetal sex diagnosis can take place as early as 55 days, helping you estimate the number of replacement heifers joining your herd and determine pricing of those replacements. Beyond basic pregnancy detection, Easi-Scan will diagnose teat stenosis, see abscesses or umbilical hernias, and confi rm BRD. Share this information with your vet.

About BCF Technology

BCF is a Scottish company with over thirty years’ experience manufacturing and distributing imaging equipment worldwide, specifically for the veterinary and animal husbandry industry.


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