Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck Trailer’s Big Haul makes private or commercial hauling easy with its maximum maneuverability and ground loading capabilities. It comes standard with a metal top (bar top is available), full metal front and a slide/swing tail gate, and measures at 40’ by 7’6” (additional length is available). It has three cross gates and sections heights of 5 ¼ feet, 6 ¼ feet and 7 ¼ feet. At 40’, the trailer has one 20K axle, but for trailers longer than 43’, it features two 20K axles.

About Gooseneck Trailer

Family owned since 1962, Gooseneck Trailer is a prominent leader in the livestock trailer, truck bed, and mobile storage tank industry. 



Phone: 1-800-688-5490


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